Why choose Sourcewell

Sourcewell is the Quality Specialist.

  • Sourcewell is the absolute stylist and market specialist in the field of Quality positions;
  • Sourcewell goes deeper and broader in the Quality matter and can always deliver in it;
  • In the field of Quality, Sourcewell dares to compete with every competitor when it comes to supplying the best Quality professionals in the shortest possible time for the most fair price;

Sourcewell supplies Quality professionals within 5 main markets. As a result, we are less dependent on economic cycles of the individual markets.

  • Food
  • Chemistry
  • Oil & Gas
  • Automotive
  • Pharma & Life Sciences</ li>

Sourcewell has its own structure and culture.

  • The low cost structure; </ li>
  • The relevant database; </ li>
  • The flexibility of the organization; </ li>
  • The enthusiastic informally operating team where energy, positivity and opportunism predominate; </ li>
  • The attention and commitment to the people to be placed also after the placement, but also the involvement in the companies where the placement takes place, which ensures that at low costs there is clearly music in the growth of the profit of Sourcewell.</ li>
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We believe in open, honest, clear and personal communication by fulfilling agreements.


We combine the most important factors within the recruitment: We deliver most matching candidates within the agreed timeframe, using the best recruitment software and of course our specific recruitment skills.


We believe in customized solutions. We do not have a large bureaucratic organization behind us, but we have short lines of communication. This allows us to act quickly.


We work on the basis of a step-by-step plan. We make clear agreements in which it is clear to all parties what is expected of each other.

Our team

Our team consists of driven and passionate people.